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What is Career Transition

The Career Transition or Career Change is the process of tranformation from one career to another or new career. The Career Transition has no fixed time, age, duration, number of times, etc. For any Individual transitioning from the current career to new, the transition period start much before the first thought of it strikes your mind.

How we can Help you

We at Career Designer are professional who identify with the various techniques and tools about your transition state and then we can adequately counsel you then train you with the required skills for the new career, and then guide you throught your Career Transition Journey.

Career Transition Process





Awards and Certification

Our Coach Love Bhatnagar is a Certified Career Transition Coach from Certified Coaches Alliance

The award of Most Motivational Person at Capital Height is the latest among Love Bhatnagar's long list of awards and acheivements

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" Love Sir is the best Career Guide , I have come across during my career. He used to be our Placement officer when I was studying in CHIMC Indore. Love Sir is always very responsive and has a very deep and extensive knowledge of Career Management. He has also been tremendous in terms of job hunting strategy and interview preparation.He helped me to improve my communication & presentation skills, guided me in resume preparation, interview questions handling and job search.Love Sir is my helpline number, whenever I get any trouble or if I need any advice, he is the best person to discuss. I had never heard "No" from him. He always ready to take new challenges and accomplish his task in a more efficient manner. I am glad to have you as my Career Coach & Mentor . "

Abhijeet Kashyap

Sr Technical Recruiter

Pioneer Data Systems, Inc

" Love has been like a mentor for me. he has guided me during every difficult phase whether it be work or personal life. His relaxed approach and methodical thinking helps soothe any problem or situation.Your leadership qualities are par excellance.It was gr8 working with you and sincerely thank you for your guidance and support. "

Sachin Pai

Regional Business
Manager -EPMBI (West)


" Love is one of the finest sales managers around - one who builds and manages relationships with business partners with his charm and finesse and ensures that he gets what he has set out for. Extremely warm hearted and affable, Love is one person with wide and varied experience. I wish him all the very best. "

Himanshu Karnik

Vice President -
Channel Sales at Evolis
Card Printer India Pvt Ltd

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